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Plantar Fasciitis Information

Plantar Fasciitis


The plantar fascia is the thick connective tissue, which supports the arch of the foot. It runs from thetuberosity of the calcaneus forward to the heads of the metatarsal (toes) bones.

Anatomy: Ankle / Foot - Injury: Plantar Fasciitis Information

Mechanism of Injury

  • Overuse injury, eg. in runners.


  • Pain in the bottom of the heel, usually worst in the morning and improving throughout the day.
  • Morning stiffness and a painful limp in the morning, however the stiffness goes away after the foot is warmed up.
  • By the end of the day pain may be replaced by a dull aching that improves with rest.
  • Pain that gets worse when you climb stairs or stand on your toes.
  • Pain after you stand for long periods.
  • Pain at the beginning of exercise that goes away or lessens as exercise continues but returns when exercise is completed.
  • Occasional numbness may be experienced along the outside of the sole of the foot.
  • Focal tenderness and sometimes swelling of the medial (inside) aspect of the calcaneus.


Please consult with your medical professional for a complete diagnosis and treatment plan.

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